To create and to give free value, the key of the business for Internet

to give free valueIf there is a fundamental key in the marketing for Internet, if there is a thing that has made many companies big online and to many web sites, to been the fact of creating value, of giving something valuable in a free way. The big business online offered they (offer) his services and informations of a free way, this way they formed the foundations where they constructed later his alternatives of business and income.

Let's see this for a moment without centring on Internet, but in general, and then we will connect it with Internet to see the real dimension of this concept …

If you for example have a product, you sell for example a massages stretcher … you traveled up to small stone and comprastes a series of stretchers of massage based on the Chinese traditional medicine …: which would be the best way of selling these stretchers? if, that is … giving them to try free for the long time: would there be another more powerful promotion?

Perhaps this do not be able to do it why you cannot cover the expenses that this promotion needs (place, store, personnel that explains the use of the stretchers, etc), but undoubtedly if you it could do this one serious the best promotion … the people would prove the stretchers free, they would go out pleased, they would prove them again and would recommend other persons than to prove also the stretchers. In a few months the whole world in your area (and it would be spreading) would know the wonderful stretchers of massage of the small stone that you sell. The business is in march, now it is only a question of selling and of offering for example new products or servicos related or complementary to your happy clientele.

Well, let's return to Internet …: which is the problem of this type of promotion? why do not the people offer his servicos or products free? good, the first perhaps because they have not even appeared it ever, and second for the high cost that this supposes. Well, since Internet does not have this problem. In Internet you can arm a business, offer a product or give a servico for a very low initial cost, and can do that this cost does not increase to a great extent if you make use of the technology and automate your actions … thus can offer something of free value to later create your business and your income from this free value that also is giving you an incredible promotion and is consolidating you like mark or reference.

The clearest example, one of the most powerful companies of Internet. Google. Google is a free searcher that you prop it offers many other free servicos. The whole world, millions of persons, they use the searcher of Google to do his searches and to gain access to any place of Internet, free. Who does not know Google? Who does not trust in Google? Almost the whole world (I have said almost).

Well so under this big mark and this searcher (there say that better nearly time), there is a business system that generates million dollars …: how? offering free value, offering slightly valuably free, and from here on selling his servicos. And that you say to me about Facebook and about many other big business for Internet? more of the same.

An example at minimal level … something small … if you are an author and have a book that to sell, logically you are not going to give it free because but you already do not have anything that to sell, but if you are a productive author, perhaps if that you could throw a free digital verión of some another book that you have written … even of that one himself that you want to sell now with the simple target to announce you for your future publications. Or if this book is a novel for putting an example, you can create a blog or web page where you offer semanalamente small histories free. what do you lose in giving your free book? the work of the whole year writing it …: and that you gain? … that there know to you hundreds of persons who in a future will bear you in mind when they visit the bookstores or navegen for Internet looking a little related to your work.

On the other hand, any sale, any business that you always realize will be better welcome and accepted by the people if it comes in advance with something of free value that wakes up his interest in you and your propuetas and opens the zipper of the pocket of your clients.

And the business of the publicity? more of the same, if you want to sell an advertizing spot in your web site prepares free value contents to attract the people towards your place and towards this publicity.

It does not matter to that you devote yourself, if your business is big or small, if your market niche is wide or very concrete, in Internet the best way of announcing you is offering free value, something of value (contents, servicos, manuals, guides, etc …) free. If what to offer you have value and it is free, everything will be fine … and while more value more high places will be your flights.

Which is the problem of all this that it is as it could not be otherwise? since that Internet is full of things free without value, there is a lot of “virtual garbage”. And which is the solution that also it is as it might not be otherwise since there is a problem? The solution is in us, we are going to put the criterion of what is worth while and what not, and the criterion of many makes big to a mark, a business or a web page. And we return at first … if you give something of value, of real free value, the people will recognize you, will follow you and will value you for positive, it might not be otherwise.

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    It values in If there is a fundamental key in the marketing for Internet, if there is a thing that has made many companies big online and to many web sites, to been the fact of creating value, of giving something valuable in a free way. The grand ….

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