On me

My name is francisco cantador and I am the author of this blog where I am reflecting everything what I am learning and discovering on the world of the marketing and the business online and his relation with the search of certain financial freedom.

For more than two years I walk looking by means of Internet for what andé looking out, an economic situation that was allowing me certain freedom grade. This freedom begins in spite of doing something that you like and doing it with a few completely flexible schedules. From here on to be growing in all the possible directions.

This blog is born with the idea of finishing an initial stage of “test and error” to begin with a new stage in which the acquired knowledge allows me to be more precise and effective at the time of capturing my ideas and strategies. That does not mean that he does not keep on being wrong, the error is a part of learning.

My business …

At present, and after discarding and proving several business, I develop two business of network marketing by means of Internet with products for Internet. This two business and others based on affiliates programs are today my sources of income online.

The first business of network marketing at which I am employed is that of the Global company Domains International Inc, an international company that offers a service of record of domains and hosting with excellent possibilities of income. The second one is the business of HostMultinivel, a Latin company that offers hosting services and autoresponders also with a very interesting income plan.

My web sites …

At present dirigo and I edit 3 web sites:

www. DineroRed.ws, a web dedicated to the network marketing

www.kkfd.org, this blog on marketing and business online

www. BlogDirectorioWeb.com a web sites directory with format of blog where you can explain and exhibit your places and where you can encontar big web pages quantity and blogs classified by subject-matters.

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