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To look and to promote the mutual benefit is the best way of carrying on business, the key is always to walk towards the benefits balance. The mutual benefit represents this balance.


The fact that you are reading this and are visiting my web site is already a benefit for me, you are paying your attention to me and that is already great, now, if I am faithful to the name of the blog, you would have to go out beneficiary also is already in ideas, knowledge, resources or possibilities of promotion. These 4 things are those that you will be able to find here.

Ideas and knowledge related to the marketing and the business online that I will share with you by means of the earnings of the blog. Information and actuality in order to capture what I have gone and am learning so that it should serve to you as help to develop your business or activity in Internet.

In this blog you are not going to find extensive and complicated articles (good, perhaps me some leakage), here you will find for what almost we all look: small articles or post's of easy reading and with an idea or practical concept that could suppose a benefit or an inspiration to us. For estár on the day of the updates of the blog you can subscribe here.

If you are looking for some concrete information, you can go to the searcher, can visit the file or can look in the tags that you see to your right.

Also you will be able to find necessary resources to develop a business in Internet, be this of the type that is. Basic resources for your online presence and marketing resources for the success of your business.

And finally, you will find free possibilities of promotion to help you to expand your business in Internet, for that he visits the Web Directory and the Collaborators' section where from you will be able to publish your articles. The last one is the space where one tries to promote to the maximum the mutual benefit offering in him a place where other entrepreneurs and authors could be announced.

All the articles of this blog less articles are written by me, francisco cantador, in collaboration written by other authors. The author / to of an article is the intellectual owner of the same one by what it is protected under the norms of privacy and use of the author.

I hope that you should enjoy your visit and should extract some benefit. For any consultation, doubt or proposal, you can go to the Contact section.

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