If you want to collaborate in you have the open doors, can collaborate like author / to writing your ártículos or post's in the blog. If you have something that to say regarding the marketing and the business online and you believe that this blog can be a good place where to exhibit it, this is your space.

Once again one looks for a mutual benefit, you add content to my web site, I benefit in quality and quantity of contents, and you benefit in linkage and visit to your web site in addition to announcing you to the readership and visitors of

To publish your article or post in you have only to get in touch with me to order me your texts. Earlier I want to comment to you on the conditions:

1. Minimum 300 words.

2. Duplicated content will not be published.

3. Subject-matter similar or related to the marketing and the business online. If you think a little, almost any subject-matter it is possible to relate with these topics … if your subject-matter in the beginning is not related to the subject-matter of the blog, hechale imagination, everything can be related.

4. Surely you can include your linkage and the referential information that you see suitable.

5. Good spelling and writing.

6. Articles will not be published merely commercial or promotional, of what it is a question it is of contributing a quality information so that you could attract the people towards your web site. He remembers: the best way of selling is not to sell.

7. Very advisable adding an image, this way your article will stand out on the principal page. If you already do not have an image I will put it.

8. You can publish periodically.

The question is that we could benefit some from others, and it is well known that publishing articles in other web sites is one of the best forms of improving itself straight (the people you leé and it meets you) and by implication (you obtain linkage originated from other places towards your web or blog, something fundamental for posicionarte in the searchers).

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