Less publicity and more information

publicityLess publicity and more information is the strategy to keep on speaking logically about publicity inside the internal structure of our business online, out while we could do more well focused publicity or hire so better.

When we promote our business from our spaces, when we put publicity in our web sites or when we offer a product or service, we must not fall down in the error of the saturation.

To saturate your web page or your blog with excessive announcements or with too many references towards your business or products, is something that can do that our visitors go away of our places, and the worst thing, that they do not turn. Why? …

He remembers that the person who brings in in your web site the most probable thing is that he is looking for an information and not that they bandage something to him. You have only to concentrate on what you usually do … when you sail along the network: what is for what you look normally?

This is the question, to offer the people for what they look later to keep on giving to them more than they look of a more personalized form is already by means of visits more fideles to your place, subscriptions RSS, subscriptions to any type of boletínes, courses, reports, etc … or simply by means of a direct contact.

This marketing formula online brings us over to our future clients, us more he attends in Internet, since the information that you give by means of your contents is the food of the searchers (google, yahoo, etc) therefore you will go out benefited with a major number of visits, and us major credibiledad before the people who visits us.

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  1. Information Bitacoras.com

    It values in Bitacoras.com: Less publicity and more information is the strategy to be continued. When we promote our business, when we put publicity in our web sites or when we offer a product or service, we must not fall down in the error of ….

  2. Business he says:

    You are right but I believe that also it is going to depend on the type of web and to that public is faced, also it will depend on the time in which your web page this one in the air.

  3. francisco says:

    Certainly, skylight “Business“, I was speaking in general terms, surely every case is a world.

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