Network marketing: have you noticed that puts “marketing“?

network marketingSomewhat much raised per cent of the entrepreneurs of the network marketing (so much inside as out of the network) go so far as to last not even two or three years with his business, numbers that also can be applied to other business models.

Logically this means that they retire, and not because they have gained enough money as to move back. Precisely after two or three years it is when a business multilevel (and many other business) begins to have a really promising perspective.

Why does this happen?

Many people enter the multilevel without knowing that they enter a business, in a business that depends on them themselves (100 % reponsabilidad) and in a business that as such supposes sales, to sell. This that seems obvious for many people it is not. And all this is a marketing. But before the marketing …

At the time of marketing develops a business network in interent or out (applicable to any other business model), the first thing would have to be to make use of the "innate" qualities that each one could have (we all have something), as they might be: a big capacity of relation and communication with the rest, a certain art for the writing and written communication, faciidad for the prayer, facility to learn, leadership and aptitude to teach the others, skill with new technologies, or any other quality that you could ayurar with your business and with which you are already provided.

The second thing would be to make use of the personal circumstances and knowledge that one could already have, as they might be: your labor, personal or social situation that exhibits you to relation with many persons, to have a big number of contacts, acquaintances, partners, associates, etc …, any type specific knowledge that you have that you could transmit, already have a presence in the network (communities, webs, etc …), or any other circinstancia or knowledge that could help you with your business or for which you could announce it.

Well, it is two things, or rather three ("innate" qualities, favorable circumstances and knowledge on some topic), there are good props with which, to begin to develop your business, but you cannot remain there, spent the years, or anything more that months, you can turn out to be suspended and without resources to keep on expanding your business …

Here where there enters the key of the success of your business and the answer the question that I have thrown previously: why does this happen? why are not the people capable of multilevel being supported per years in his business?

Very simple, marketing is missing, or what is the same, they are missing of ideas and innovation. To learn, to investigate and to study possibilities of marketing that improve your business will help you to go out of the stagnation and he will be able to avoid the abandonment in the first years, and therefore they will help to a real achievement and expansion of your business.

When I speak about marketing not only I am speaking neither about the concrete strategies that are used in the marketing by Internet, nor of tedious and complicated skills that expert businessmen prepare …

When I speak about marketing I am speaking about everything, everything is a marketing, any simple idea that could contribute something to your business is a marketing. Any práctita or experience of you every day that could inspire you one is a marketing, any relation that you do is a marketing …

The most powerful marketing is the most nearby, it is the one that puts the consumer, affiliates or clients in an equality level with the seller or distributor (the two benefit), it is the marketing that to be able to the user and the one that, on having mixed with the daily thing, gives naturalness to the fact of selling and of buying.

That's why I say that everything is a marketing and that it is not necessary to associate the word marketing with anything distant or exclusive of tall businessmen, the marketing simply is the form in which you bring your business over to the others, and if you do network marketing, you have a business, and if you have a business you have to learn to do marketing.

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    It values in Somewhat much raised per cent of the entrepreneurs of the network marketing (so much inside as out of the network) go so far as to last not even two or three years with his business, numbers that also can be applied to other ne models ….

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