The one who stings garlics eats, or like unmasking the false experts of the Internet marketing

garlics that they stingI am not an expert of the Internet marketing (uuufff that I rest), I am doing and what I go aprendiento is written by me here without the intention of writing something definitive, but with the intention of giving one more point of view. But we all know that Internet is full of experts of the marketing and the business, the very good and authentic some and others that are an authentic trick.

Surely for desenmascar it is necessary to meet a false expert to the person, and surely also we have to bear in mind that it can have the whole world a bad day, but for me the personal contact with the persons is one the infallible informer, and inside this personal contact (for email for example) there is still a more infallible skill, the criticism.

Do you want to know if your mentor, if the one that sells to you a product, if to the wise person whom you follow it is an expert re-regrets? Criticize it, order him an email with a criticism, and if be able to be a well shooting and direct criticism. His reaction can give you many tracks of his authenticity.

I know that this that I am saying can dream you to pitfall, but it can be a good way of meeting the false experts, that there are many. It is a way of doing a small pitfall to meet the tricky ones really, so you should not feel bad for doing it.

If after a contact you do not have the ethics of certain expert clear, if you do not rely on anyone to which you are going to buy an information, if you want to know a little more to your future sponsor in network marketing … if for any thing you want to know that such an expero is, send to him an email with a strong criticism of his work or of some aspect of the same one. If the answer is enormous, he gets angry, puts itself over you saying to you that you are not anybody, that if, if free shit for the mouth or if it gets with you or with your work like saying “and you more” like a small child … this is a false expert, this is not an expert in whom trusting. This type of answer denounces him.

And if in addition to that it does not rectify (I said already that a bad day can have anyone) and does not apologize to you, then you can be sure that he is not an authentic expert. An expert has no anger against the others, an expert can confront and answer a criticism (why it has already seen of everything in his intense career), an expert knows how to treat the persons, an expert knows that a criticism even can be a print, an expert knows that you are a potential client and he is not going to lose you for answering badly a criticism, an expert will never say to you that you are an ignoramus poque he knows that we all can learn com it did it, an expert does not have to defend the truth …

Nevertheless the false expert of the Internet marketing has to defend his lie and that will do it with fingernails and teeth, a false expert has piled up anger because he knows that it is not right in it, a false expert has bad conscience for cheating the people and that is evident in his "aggressive" answer, a false expert will always counter-attack discrediting yourself, a false expert will always try to put himself over you due to his ethical inferiority, a false expert is not satisfied not insurance of what it does that's why "kicks out" like a rabid child …

Ah!!! and then there is the typical one who does not answer to the emails until you do not do the criticism to him, only they answer the bad thing, only they react to the negative thing …: suspect not?

Anyway, already I know that this method is something controversial, but work … and skylight if you are reading this and have stung to yourself so that you want that he says to you …

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  1. Information

    It values in I am not an expert of the Internet marketing (uuufff that I rest), I am doing and what I go aprendiento is written by me here without the intention of writing something definitive, but with the intention of giving one more point of view. Per ….

  2. Francisco,
    Am I, Alejandro Amo :D
    A pleasure to contribute something to the comments of your portal.

    Since you know already, and not if you will want to share with your readership in detail, but I authorize you completely, these days you and I have taken a few intense debates as a message deprived in facebook, about popular beliefs on the CATHEDRAL and the marketing of contents.

    Nevertheless, I am sure that this article is completely impersonal, since I do not perceive you as a spiteful person not negative.

    I have not also ever had the sensation that “you were provoking me free”. I believe that quite what you were saying to me, to the margin of true or uncertain, you were saying it to me about a completely honest form, being your believer of what you were saying.

    It does not also seem to me that you are an idiot, for much that inexplicably you insist in autoadjudicarte similar tag, with so insignificant and free arguments like which you do not know English.

    If a Chinese comes and says to us that we do not know Chinese: are you and I very dumb?

    From here I invite you to take care of your “internal dialogue”, because on him there depend many of the results that you have.
    If you believe that you are dumb, you are not going to manage any more than bullshit.

    Returning to the forces that motivate you to write such a dense text …

    I believe that it is not with personal fortitude towards me.

    At the worst, and supposing that I am mistaken, I believe these directing this article to another personage that you and I know, that it committed some slightly more delicate actions in against yours.

    We are not going to mention here this topic, because it is already overcome, and worse for this person after everything :)

    In fact I am grateful for these events because thanks to it I could contact with you and we could have generated a few interesting relations, and conversations that have generated a valuable content, which I already will teach you.

    In fact one of these portions of content will go for your direct portal and exclusive.

    Anyhow this text of yours has inspired me very much to retouch some fringe of our personal relation, and what better place, if I defend the branding with TRANSPARENCE; D, that the comments of your portal.

    Now when I read your particular point of view on your way of doing networking with other persons to value them, I understand much more your attitudes towards me when I was trying to argue technically some of the benefits to you of publishing your content in the social directory / network that I am mounting, especially allowing to my users to send duplicated content of his blog, if this way they want it.

    Now I reflect and believe that you were perceiving me like a "seller".

    It is as when I offered to help free certain person with the CATHEDRAL of his page, which was with some messes, and this person reacted publicly his name was SPAMMER.

    I offered him free help, as PARTNER, and he said that I was throwing not requested COMMERCIAL information, talking each other like COMPETITION.


    But I have to learn that there are the people for everything, and each one observes the reality of a very peculiar form, I liked or not.

    As you say, you are not an expert of the marketing online. That is not not well, not badly. But if you can be made difficult by the identification of an opportunity or a threat, of a practice recommended with regard to the inadvisable one.

    The question to all this, the fact is that if a person comes, newly well-known, and straight it presents a project that it has between hands, he tells his benefits to you for you for taking part, etc etc, and you do not realize it well technically, or you are confused, or what is, although I present to you a solid technical argument and conclusive tests, is possible that in some persons (as it could be your case) there appears a mechanism of resistance and quite strong suspicion.

    And there it is when they salt interpretations different from the message that wants to be thrown, as SPAMMER happened in this case in which they called me for offering something free … je je je.

    This resistance, this suspicion, is a basic beginning of the sales and of the influence, and we know both that this guard is bending with the dialogue, with the time, with sharing activities and projects little by little,
    in spite of listening and in spite of helping.

    But especially with time.

    Simply I believe that we speak too deeply in too much a little time, and nobody is usually prepared for that.

    You and I are not less.

    That's why there were certain levels which I did not want already to study in depth, it was almost an information indigestion.

    In what if I emphasized very much our conversations, and although you should not manage to believe it I I say it to you for your good, it is in that you will reject an old belief limitante about the content trade unionism that, in my opinion, and being I one believing and defending road surface of the official bulletins of Google, more experience that I have in this area, I say to you that it is going to make your work difficult unnecessarily.

    That, apart from the fact that you want to support me in my project or not, which is optional and is that thing about less.

    I admit that it was a hard test to my patience. Precisamante for that I am studying coaching, to develop my skills like being a human being to the margin of the technical skills.

    But with this article, where you open a little more your mind towards the exterior, and declare yourself like a hard critical and slightly skeptical pesona, I believe that I can increase my comprehension level towards your position.

    Moreover, I must admit that to a certain extent I realize the same type of approaches with some persons.
    In my case, I adopt this position especially when I perceive another person as someone with major status that I, but I believe that it is not deserved in comparison with me.

    But personally I have decided that many of these mental mechanisms do not serve to me any more than to lose time and opportunities, therefore I am in experts' hands of the coaching in order to do a process of “mental reengineering”, and this way to be a person more opened for the change.

    Without much ado, I hope to have made use of the inspiration that has given me your article to purify a relation with a potential of mutual benefit more than notable, to the criterion difference margin in some disciplines.

    I want to reaffirm this publicly:
    There is no problem with that for my part and I respect your personal decisions and hope to be able to avoid differences to collaborate in what it is possible to us.

    After everything, I admit that the "shock" is even entertained, and I am going to extract an enormous utlidad because you motivated me to do a few marvelous articles :)

    It receives a cordial greeting,

  3. francisco says:

    Hello Alejandro, thank you very much for your comment …

    No, not, not … never this article Alejandro has anything in common with you, for me the conversation that tube with you was a conversation with a very authentic person and I re-regretted I think that you are an expert in this of the Internet marketing. For me it was a gift to speak with you and to learn of you and never you wanted to be provoked not by nothing of that (I am like that in a normal day).

    This article is based on my experience in general and is not personal towards anybody in particular … clearly that another day since it happened to me that an "expert" (and it is not that you imagine) gave me a row become insolent immediately after a criticism and the article inspired me.

    What you mention of our conversations, so if, good … I did not see you like a seller in if, but if it is true that I thought that the topic of the trade unionism of contents and the others had to learn it for “me myself” and not someone who wants that it syndicates my contents in his portal … Here it enters on what you comment of the resistance, I am not going to deny it to you.

    On the other hand and with regard to this topic of your project I you you want to say that I am very grateful to you for being provided with me. I believe that that one forgot me about saying it to you another day.

    I liked speaking very much with you and although perhaps it you it did not seem, I learned things … that thing about the contents … since je, je … I am still equal.

    For me between us there was no shock, but an interesting and sincere conversation and the cominezo of a relation who waited has future. That thing about the differences … since that is normal and as you say surely that we can avoid them.

    A greeting Alejandro and we are in contact …

    Ah! dumb that thing about I say it to myself affectionately.

  4. No, if authentic certainly it is not possible to say that you should not be.


    I am glad, that calmer Mede.

    I owe an article to you, on the “social meneaming” that some experts practise:D jajaja

    Certainly, today the idiot it is me who is, and that I want to hit suddenly against the wall. I explain to you:

    I started by studying marketing online and other disciplines related to business along with Mike Dillard … in perfect English.

    So much it is like that, that I became accustomed to reading some contents in English without at least asking me if they existed similar in Castilian.

    Since I find out yesterday, while I write an article for my portal and look for information that endorses me …

    that the boys of google Spain support perfect translated copies of the blogs of Google USA.

    Including one of the most important, that of the central webmaster on that I commented to you.

    The mother who brought me. Today I have been the topic of mockery of the team. This passes for a SNOB jajaja.

    I am give signed to the feed of English, I have subscribed to Spanish, and have invited my subscribers to do the same.

    Throw a glance:

    I hope that it should be useful to you. They are accustomed to speaking little, but when they speak they contribute things on the marketing of contents and the CATHEDRAL that they are not in other.

    Speaking about CATHEDRAL, if there is some thing in which it could help you with your portal (it is always possible to improve), do not hesitate to ask me 10 minutes.

    Ah! and congratulations for having between your offer a neuromarketing section. I could not have thrown a glance even but I will do it, because I consider that the neuromarketing (at least in his written version, what in USA we call Copywriting), is one of the first disciplines for which it would be necessary to begin finished learning of Internet marketing.


  5. francisco says:

    Ja, ja, ja Alejandro, this is brilliant … it looks at the last comment that he has written (writing in June created) in the same article to which you allude …

    I do not want that you think that I am always complaining and criticizing (gentlemen!!! to everything the one that reads this: that I am the most beautiful person!!! …), what it spends is that it has coincided that this article and this comment since there are the only two times that I have complained and have criticized … coincidences of the life.

    Ah! from I ask already you 10 minutes, believe that I have to improve in CATHEDRAL related with wordpress … and in CATHEDRAL in general … as you say that that is always necessary to improve it.


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