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To gain money online, this is the question

CRBR001946Logically this blog is faced towards the small and medium entrepreneurs of Internet, the big business has other means and another capital much more powerful that they do that the saying here turns out to be slightly important although also it can be useful at level of concepts and ideas for big companies.

The small and medium entrepreneur to the margin of his budget and of his project, needs to learn to be located and be exhibited in the network so that his business is seen by many people who looks or claims some paracido or similar to what offers his business.

A small entrepreneur of Internet can be a person who across his web page manages to be done of a money that, although often very important quantities do not manage, supposes an option of future that normally finishes in more important projects or in better results.

A simple web page can suppose a good income alternative but logically this is something that it is necessary to study first, it is comparable to any other profession in which as it is normal first you have to spend a learning time and then keep on learning and becoming an expert with the course of your experience.

The simplest example of web that makes gain money his proprietor is that of a thematic web with information and quality contents, which are promoted across some system or programme of affiliates. The owner and the director of the web promotes a product or servico of another company or individual gaining commissions for it, his mission is simply to attract and to make faithful persons who could be interested in these services or products

Most known undoubtedly it is the program of Adsense of Google with which a web page can gain money showing announcements contextuales related to the subject-matter of the web. Although Adsense might be catalogued like an affiliates program, it is not another thing than to gain money with publicity, one of the simplest options to promote a web, already is a publicity straight employed or hired by means of third as it is the case of Adsesne and other platforms of publicity or of programs of affiliates.

Other programs or systems of affiliates are those who promote a product or concrete service that goes according to the subject-matter of your web and can be of interest for the readership of the same one. This type of system to promote a web others are based like many on the fidelización of readership and visitors by means of the contents that are offered.

Another type of system of marketing of products and services of third is the network marketing, a more advanced system of affiliates in which the promoter / distributor in addition to getting his commissions for his promotions, can create his own network of distribution that generates in turn more income.

Another very valid option to gain money with your web (I negotiate online) is to have and to commercialize your own products or services as they can be infoproductos (ebooks, audios, videos, etc) that teach something useful and contain excellent information, software, servicos of consultancy or tangible products like those who can be bought in a commerce of the street.

Logically that there are many other ways of gaining money in Internet and of carrying on business online, for example, almost everything what you could do or sell out of the network, also you can do it inside even in a more profitable way.

But the important thing to carry on business online is to realize a marketing according to the way, with your "public" or niche of market and with your product or service.

If for example you need to know how to do a good Spanish omelette and other specialties of the house of the Spanish kitchen, and when you realize your searches you meet my web that periodically offers you these recipes well explained step by step and with good tricks, the most normal thing is that you turn into a follower of my web site of Spanish kitchen, subscribe to the recipes bulletin and recommend my place to your friends.

Come to this point you will be much closer of buying the game of special frying pans and the book of recipes of the world that I promocion0 in my web because you already know my web, you her take as “a friendly web” that to helped in several situations, and perhaps either you know something about me because either I will have presented before myself, will have told you something of my life in some article or have visited the section “on me” of my web, with which you are already provided with certain confidence how to buy what I sell, and not only that, but you already have “a relation” with me, with my web or with my mark that represents a much more sincere, nearby and comfortable situation for the buy / sale.

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