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40 advices for posicionar a web in the searchers

cathedral1. Do not publish duplicated, suppressed content that he has already published in another place.

2. He publishes in a periodic way that the most possible, like that thing the search engines will always have you well encuenta. For more information you can read CATHEDRAL, frequency of publication

3. He discharges your web in directories, but he looks and selects that better linkage can give to you. Do not discharge your web in all the directiros that you find without valuing them first. Here you can see some directories (on this page, it checks the section of “Web promotion”).

4. He discharges your web also in the searchers, there is life beyond Google.

5. It obtains quality linkage. Better few of quality that minor many. For more information he reads: How would the ideal linkage be?

6. It obtains linkage and connects to places of the same subject-matter, or related.

7. You obtain linkage of a periodic and natural way, not many of blow but few ones regularly.

8. It connects your pages between them (internal linkage), connects on the pages the related contents that you have in your web.

9. He studies the market before choosing your key words, it is an impossible posicionar according to as the most popular words, it is necessary to look for alternatives.

10. It includes the key words by which you want to be found or that define your page in the title of every page. This is a fact that the search engines bear much in mind.

11. If it can be it chooses a name of domain that contains some of the key words that define your place, auuque the important thing is that your web has a name sticky and easy to remember. It includes also in your internal url's the key words that define every page.

12. It includes these words also in the text of the page, without abusing. 5 % of thickness in key words is the advisable thing. Especially that these are at first and at the end of the text.

13. It uses tags and categories that contain the key words that you want posicionar.

14. He analyzes and uses the hardware that google puts at the disposal of the webmasters.

15. It uses the statistics of visits of your place to improve your position. Aprevecha the advantages as the terms or words for which more people come to your web and discard the disadvantages as the impossible words of posicionar for competition excess.

16. Do not abuse files html, scripts, flash, etc … do light pages.

17. It uses the tags h1, h2, h3 … to promote your key words, and skylight does not abuse, use them in a natural way according to the text.

18. It tries that the next linkage and the interns are constructed for the searchers with tag "title" in the linkage of text and tag "alt" in the linkage with image.

19. The rule of the left: Both in domains, and in qualifications, and in linkage, it places the key words the more to the best left. The robots of Google begin to look for the left.

20. The codes CSS and html they have to be clean, without errors, and have to be separated in different files. The roborts will read better your pages.

21. He avoids penalizations (practices and not authorized skills). To see here the penalizations of Google.

22. The tags title and keywords they have to be descriptive and concise using a high thickness of key words. The tag description can be more descriptive.

23. He avoids to have broken linkage, checks your web from time to time.

24. It lodges your place in a quality hosting, the searchers give importance to the time of answer of a web site.

25. It checks periodically the position of your place for your key words, of this study you will extract good conclusions.

26. It uses domains and hosting of quality, do not use domains and hosting free, at least for your principal or more important places.

27. It promotes and obtains linkage for all the pages of your web, or at least all most important. Do not limit yourself only to the home.

28. Do not exchange linkage to the crazy thing, study well every exchange. For more information you can read Like doing exchange of linkage of an effective way.

29. It uses hardware and software that help you to optimize your places. For example if you use wordpress use the plugin All in One CATHEDRAL.

30. He avoids the pages with many projecting linkage and without contents, both for your places and for places that connect you.

31. It includes in your novel suppressed place, of actuality and of “fashion“. He makes use of the tendencies.

32. He publishes useful content as solutions and manuals.

33. Constant in your position work, if some strategy begins to give you results, it continues with costancia to multiply them.

34. Use images in your place and optimize them, to see The importance of using images in your place.

35. It plans your position strategy. He studies and analyzes as you want to be found and therefore to who you go (it finds your niche of the first market), it is employed later at the optimization and promotion, and then he analyzes the results. And begun … to try again and being wrong is the best way of learning for your account everything regarding the web position.

36. It diversifies your strategies, do not remain alone one. The good position require of diverse skills.

37. Do learn of the experts (there are many very good places in the network on CATHEDRAL, and if you know English, you will always go ahead).

38. If you can allow it to yourself, hire the services of well CATHEDRAL (not of anyone).

39. Do good relations with other webmasters, the alliances and colaboraciónes they are of the most profitable. You know already, the union does the force.

40. Be assiduous and do learn, easy posicionar is not a web site.

This post is a summary / adaptation that I have done for my readership of the article 101 Advices CATHEDRAL, to extend the infomación I recommend to you to visit this place, also, if you have a blog you will be able to promote it in him.

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