Internet and the revolution of the network marketing

to work at homeThe network marketing is a business model with more than 60 years of life, a young model that has experienced a big revolution with the Internet arrival to many hearths of the world.

The first years of the network marketing have been hard, many persons left his time, money and efforts in a business model that was still still to grow in a more important way.

The conditions needed of a type of marketing more "aggressive" than effective. These practices (door for door, harassment of friends and relatives, deceitful publicity, heavy meetings, etc) and many dark business (pyramids and the others) did that the network marketing was covering with one aura of dirty business or swindle, something completely removed from the reality of a business well planned and executed multilevel.

Without despising to many business MLM that take many years working not to the hundreds of persons who did his fortunes in the first times of the network marketing, the network marketing has evolved in an incredible way with the Internet arrival. It has been many Internet years since it exists but when I say “the Internet arrival” I do not refer to the existence time, but at the time that the Internet use is something normal in million hearths.

Allow me to explain this evolution to yourself by means of the comparative simple one that I have extracted from the ebook of Carlos Villa “A look to the future” (at the end of this article I will tell you how you can unload this free ebook). To the margin of this one comparative I recommend to you the reading of this ebook, a reading that perhaps he wakes up something that you knew but you had not appeared seriously.

1. Before Internet the network marketing needed that you were a selling expert, thing that does not even like … selling to many people nor that bandage him. With Internet although you do not stop selling anything, this is done in a way much more lively and automated by means of web sites and systems of pursuit.

2. Earlier the meetings and presentations needed of the skill of speaking in public, now the presentations are done online by means of your web site.

3. Earlier you had to yourself to present in these meetings and in the house of other persons with what this bears (a babysitter for the children, displacements, more time, etc). Now nobody has to go nowhere.

4. Earlier in the necessary time and the expense, most of the persons had to limit to promoting the business in his local community. Now your business comes to the whole world by means of your web site.

5. Earlier the task was implying speaking with friends, acquaintances, relatives and companions of the work. That was meaning rejection. Now the rejection is not lived so straight, the visitors of your web site or presentations see your proposals and if they do not like they leave. Also, the rejection diminishes to a great extent if our promotion and web site are well faced towards a niche of warm market.

6. Earlier the persons had to dedicate a time to deliver the products, which they had bought, received in his hearths and storage in his depots. Now the products are delivered straight by Internet and services of courier service.

7. Earlier the trainings were much more limited. In Internet, in addition to receiving constant and updated training of your downline, you can find a lot of information and trainings.

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  1. Information

    It values in The network marketing is a business model with more than 60 years of life, a young model that has experienced a big revolution with the Internet arrival to many hearths of the world. The first years of the network marketing ….

  2. Julian says:

    now it is not called a door by door, but every popup put you in the mouth navigating upon Internet … … jeje greetings

  3. Carlos Villa says:

    Excellent summary of the differences that now exist between the network ancient marketing and the current one. Also they contain an opportunity, because curiously, the traditional network marketers have not finished of comprising the potency of the Internet and, for another side, the vine "Interneteros" have not just comprised the network marketing.
    So the meeting of these two tendencies and the mastery of the hardware of both can lead to a relaunch of the category …

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