Like using the Internet forums as strategy of marketing

marketing forumsA promotion strategy online quite effective is that of announcing you taking part in forums related to the subject-matter of your business or related to the world of the marketing in general. To take part actively in these forums will relate us and will exhibit us before persons potencialemte interested with our business be already like clients, like associates, as collaborators or as alidaos with that to realize strategic alliances.

This marketing strategy online is very effective if you know how to do it and if you her take like a long-term strategy, that is to say, that your participation in the forums of to be periódoca and constant. It is a question of taking part in the forums occasionally but of stopping doing it.

Although we all know more or less how to take part in forums, here left you with 12 advices so that you organize this marketing strategy and could extract a major profit.

1. He looks and selects the forums. This is almost the most important thing, to select the forums in which you are going to take part is a work that with the time agradeceràs to have done. Not all the forums will be good neither for your promotion nor all the forums it has the aftereffect for that you look, do not lose the time.

That's why, he looks and selects between 5 and 10 forums following these criteria:

- he chooses the forums as subject-matter. This is very important, subject-matters related to your business, subject-matters where there move your potential, or thematic clients who present you like expert in your sector.

- He chooses forums with certain number of members, 500, 1000 and hence from now on.

- he chooses active forums with new topics and good participation. There are many forums way dead that would not serve to you as much.

- he avoids forums where the only one that is done is spam, the important thing is the quality of the conversations.

2. It creates your account as soon as possible. Once you have chosen your forums, it creates an account as soon as possible since the antiquity is a grade in this type of places. He remembers that this marketing strategy is long-term.

3. It knows the forum in question. Very important also that once registered in the forum you read attentively the norms and determine of the same one. Not all the forums it works equally.

4. Escoje a user's good name and an incarnation. This is important because it is with what they will identify you firstly. He chooses a name of user easy to remember and that should define your mark or your business without being a name straight advertizing. Normally your name, which you usually use to announce you as professional is the best thing. A representative or showy image as incarnation also will help you.

5. It creates a finished profile. The persons who are interested by you immediately after your shares the first thing that they will do is to visit your profile, that's why it is important that you create one where you give information about you, about your personal things, about your web sites, your information of contact, etc …

6. Present. He makes use of this section (new members, presentations …) that is usually habitual in the forums to write a presentation that can be in the style of your profile.

7. He observes and then it takes part. The best thing is that at first you do not take part, but you dedicate a few days to know the forum, who are those who more take part, which are the most commented topics, which language uses …

8. Do valuable contributions for the community of the forum. Here there is the key of this strategy of marketing, while more interesting and valuable your contributions are to the conversations of the forum, major will be your popularity and prestige.

9. It uses and makes use of your signature. To sign all your interventions is something crucial, in some forums they allow to sign with your web address others not, the question is that you make use of the signature to put your name, your web or blog or a phrase that represents you.

10. Be supported in your liena. Your target is to announce you, to find good contacts, to do strategic alliances or to find new clients and followers, move away from deep discussions of tone, discussions out of place, of taking shape your bad days … anyway, support a positive attitude and do not move away from your targets.

11. It throws concrete marketing campaigns. Once be already integrated to the forum and have your place, you can throw small subtle promotion campaigns, like offering a free course on your subject-matter, offering material or exclusive discounts for the forum members, proposing some type of exchange or alliance, etc …

12. Neither do spam nor sell. The people neither visit nor take part in the forums to buy nothing, and surely they do not like that they are selling to them behind anything. The people visit them to look for information and to share it with other persons, from here on the due contacts are done and finally one gets down to business.

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