Free e-courses, a good strategy of marketing for your business onine

free e-coursesTo offer free e-courses is one of the best strategies of marketing that you can develop for your business online, thus you will be able to realize a much simpler and cheap promotion (to promote something free logically is easier) and you will be able to come to a much more specific group of persons and with much more potential like clients, in addition to gaining you his confidence offering them the information for that they look in a free and easily accessible way.

But how to do it? now I am going to give you 10 simple advices on the topic, but at the end of these if you are interested you will be able to gain access to more exclusive and much more detailed information.

1. It defines a topic for your course. It is very important that your course turns concerning a concrete topic. The important thing is to limit to direct the promotion to a niche of specific and profitable market.

2. It creates a web page. The best thing is that you have a web site, mini place or landing page where presents of an attractive way your course and where from the people could subscribe faclimente. The page has to explain all the advantages and of everything what they can find in the course. Thus you will be able to direct traffic to this page and specify your promotions there.

3. It uses a system of autoanswering. One more big advantage of working with e-courses is that of automating and optimizing your daily work. You will have only to write and compile your course and it to load in you to autoanswer to order it in a periodic and automated way. Thus you have the people receiving your informations while you devote yourself only to the promotion of the course.

4. Support interested to your brochures. Although your subscribers are already interested in your course, they have signed up voluntarily, you have to manage in the different emails of the e-course to support his attention and espectación, your target is that they read all your messages that you include in the e-course. To advance contents, to create fascinating qualifications, to leave the best information by the end, etc … can be good formulae to create this espectativa.

5. It leaves that they go away. It offers the option to your subscribers to be dismissed in an easy way. This is a courteousness for that one is always grateful. Anyhow you are not interested in subscribers who are not really interested.

6. He thinks about the future. Your e-course just has to be the beginning of a relation with your subscribers, if these went out satisfied of your e-course they will be pleased of receiving more bulletins and proposals of your part. This is one of the principal targets of offering free e-courses, for the principal one does not say.

7. It diversifies. Creating several e-curos with different subject-matters can do to you to come to many more people and to do that they interlace the promotion of these e-courses to obtain this way a subscribers' major quantity.

8. It liberates your e-course. If you allow the others to be able to offer your e-course in his web sites or to offer it like an extra bond or of the way that is, you will be giving wings to your e-course so that it could come to many more people.

9. He exchanges benefits. Tambiñen you can use your e-course to do alliances with other entrepreneurs so that they you promote your e-course in his lists or webs and you in return offer them linkage or a small space in your e-course.

10. Do not say everything. In your e-course you have to give quality information but not that's why you have to count everything. It leaves things for a future and to offer in others type of formats that bring you money. Your e-course will bring you prestige, exhibition and subscribers, but all this will bring you long-term money.

To have more information on as doing and promoting free e-courses with which to promote your business online puesdes to visit The big secret of the free e-courses.

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